OFDEP HTTP API Integration

OFDEP is a free fraud detection API. The API supports the following parameters:

Parameter Name Parameter Function
ip The IPv4 address to query
email The Email address to query
username The username to query
address The address to query when calculating account creation fraud
lic License key to enable more than 100 monthly queries

Only one parameter is required. Queries are simple GET requests, as shown below. An OFDEP score of 2 indicates a medium risk associated with that transaction. A score of 3 or higher indicates a high risk of fraud or attack.

# curl “http://wafsec.com/api?ip=”
{“asname”:”Hurricane Electric, Inc.”,”asnumber”:”AS6939″,”city”:”Fremont”,”country”:”US”,”distance”:2952.348633352,

Several example code implementations are linked to below:


You can submit malicious IP, email and usernames via the API as well as follows:

# curl “http://wafsec.com/ipa?ip=”